Excellent PR is the focus and driving force of PBM. Results-driven, we take immense pride in seeing client’s products in the press and thrive on providing a quick and efficient service to both clients and the media.

Marketing support

PBM Marketing and PR blossomed following a successful marketing campaign with their first ever client (Royal Worcester). The initial project was to develop a large visitor centre, converting a disused warehouse into a tourist attraction. Read more xx
This ability to apply core skills to any task can be tapped into by all clients it; doesn’t have to stop at PR – PBM likes to become part of the team. With links to a range of tried-and-trusted service providers, PBM are able to deliver on photography, graphic design, websites, translations, models, exhibitions, printing, promotional items and much more.
Whether you need us to produce marketing literature, newsletters or other materials – managing an advertising budget, writing a book, making a splash in the media, creating press packs, or simply providing manpower at events – PBM can provide support at every level.
Whatever the brief, our marketing knowledge and wide range of contacts will deliver what you need.

From an empty warehouse, PBM designed a layout for the attraction, then sourced every item for the exhibition, whether it was a prop, a video, or story board. In the case of the Video and story boards, PBM wrote the scripts, managed the film and production crews and the method to view.

Our goals:

• Quite simply to generate coverage for clients throughout the year in line with the business objectives.
• To build and maintain relationships with journalists, bloggers and TV researchers
• To raise awareness of the company, their brand and their portfolio of products by working to a plan.
• To issue a series of targeted releases to select journalists to reach a viable customer base.
The service includes:
• Working closely with clients to achieve PR campaigns fit with their overall marketing plan and budgets
• Pitching feature ideas
• Responding to media requests quickly and efficiently
• Organizing press/blogger/customer events
• Photography
• Advising on product development, trends and collaboration ideas
• Social Media
• Adverting campaigns
• Marketing Campaigns
• Ongoing reporting
• Cuttings